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Cork Nature Network’s mission is to protect and promote Ireland’s wildlife through education, conservation and research to restore a healthy ecosystem for all species and habitats in Ireland.

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Did You Know?

30% of our 60 EU protected species are on unfavourable status with 15% in decline

About half of our rivers and lakes are in an unhealthy ecological state

Over 50% of 100 bee species are in decline with 30% threatened with extinction

63% of species, including previously common birds the House Sparrows and Starlings, are declining at alarming rates

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Cork Clearwing Moth Project

Acknowledgements This survey was funded by the National Parks and Wildlife Service, Biodiversity RecordersGrant. Cork Nature Network would like to thank the National Parks and Wildlife Service for theopportunity to run this survey. Thank you also to John Deasey, Emily Mangen, Sean Bourke,Karl Woods and Melanie Mangen for their support and assisting with the surveys. […]

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Marine Protected Areas

As the world becomes more sensitive to the impact humans have on the environment, governments across the globe are setting aside areas of habitat to allow nature to thrive unaffected by human influence. One such habitat is the ocean which has been impacted by overfishing, trawling, pollution, deep-sea mining and much more. A well-known fact […]

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There are many benefits of becoming a member of Cork Nature Network, whether you are looking to expand your network of contacts, increase your knowledge of Ireland’s wildlife and its habitats, learn new skills or give back to the community, you can be confident Cork Nature Network aligns with your interests and environmental goals.

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Welcome to Cork Nature Network's online educational resources

We have resources for schools, the public and for those wishing to learn more about species. These resources are free but please do donate if you can to help us improve the resources and increase awareness among everyone about how important and amazing our natural world is.

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Upcoming Events

Botanical Painting Workshop

July 7, 2024 at 12:00 pm at Beaumont Quarry

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