About Us

Aim of Cork Nature Network

The aim of Cork Nature Network is to benefit the community of Ireland by promoting and encouraging the conservation of wildlife and habitats by educating and increasing the awareness of the need for conservation.

  1. to promote nature conservation
  2. to educate and increase awareness of the need for conservation

What do we do?

  • We promote nature conservation by offering public events.
  • We work to educate and increase awareness of the need for conservation.
  • We run projects, surveys and undertake research into wildlife conservation.
  • We work in partnership with local and national organisations.

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Our Ethos

  • We work in the local community.
  • We endorse the importance of protecting and conserving the natural environment.
  • We recognize and value the importance of volunteers.
  • We believe everyone can make a difference.

If you are interested in getting involved, please consult our “Join us” page.

Background of Cork Nature Network

Cork Nature Network is a Registered Company Limited by Guarantee. It’s a not-for-profit organisation. It was established in 2015 by an experienced and enthusiastic team. It is wholly run by volunteers.

Governance of Cork Nature Network

Structure of Cork Nature Network

Cork Nature Network operates through a management team that comprises active members. There are also five directors responsible for the operation of the organisation.


  • Gill Weyman
  • Valerie Soma
  • Brian McElligott
  • Will O’Leary
  • Tara O’Donoghue

Cork Nature Network strives to be as transparent and accountable as possible.

Annual Report

You can download our last annual report by clicking on the link below.

Annual-Report-Cork Nature Network 2018

You can also download our previous annual reports

Annual Review 2017

Annual Review 2016


Cork Nature Network would like to acknowledge the following funders of our work: Cork City Council, Cork County Council, Patagonia, The Heritage Council, Lush, Cllr Kieran McCarthy, Community Foundation Ireland.

Thanks to Edel Jennings who designed our logo, to Paulo Moraes for his help with graphics on our publicity literature and to Clive from Simply Social Media for his technical help.

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