Who We Work With

At a local level, we work in partnership with many organisations  including local authorities, local community groups and local organisations


Cork Nature Network provides input on national submissions on important issues such as hedgerow management, Housing Planning and Development Bill and Marine Strategic Framework Directive.

We have representation on the Board of Sustainable Water Network (SWAN) and contribute to many discussions around the management of national freshwater and marine resources.

We have attended national meetings such as the Department of Housing RE Marine Strategic Framework Directive.

We are members of PAWS (Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime), The Wheel and Leave No Trace.

Cork Nature Network is a Registered Company Limited by Guarantee wholly run by volunteers. 

It is a not-for-profit organisation that complies with the Charities Governance Code. Document reference number CE CDE 8.2.1.

European and International

We apply the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals #13, #14 and #15 to our work. For more information, check out the UN website and read our report Multilevel Government Compliance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Cork Nature Network is a member of the group of NGOs campaigning for the Natural Restoration Law.

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