The park contains a range of habitats, including open grassland and wetlands that supports a wide range of species. Notable wildlife include 3 kinds of bats including the Soprano pipistrelle. The Small Copper, Orange Tip & Coma Butterflies, the Emperor dragonfly and the 14 spot Ladybird. The Long-eared Owl, Reed Warbler, Meadow Pipit are included for the birds.

For a much fuller list see the appendix (page 29) of the Biodiversity Action Plan Tramore Valley Park.

If you visit Tramore Valley Park, let us know what species you find.

In 2022, Cork Nature Network secured funding from the Community Foundation Ireland and approval from Cork City Council to develop a Biodiversity Action Plan for the site. Additional funding was secured from the Local Waters and Community Project Office to undertake invertebrate surveys. The Biodiversity Action Plan was launched during National Biodiversity Week in May 2023.

The Biodiversity Action Plan is led by Cork Nature Network in partnership with the Local Waters and Community Project, Tramore River Community group, KinShip Project, Green Spaces for Health and Cork City Council.

The action plan can be downloaded here:

If you are interested in helping out with this project or being part of an annual clean up/conservation group please email

Have you found signs of the elusive Eurasian Otter in a river, lake, or coastal area? Upload the details of your sighting here. Become a Citizen Scientist and help us map the distribution of otters in your area.

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Cork Nature Network was established in 2015 by an experienced and enthusiastic team who wanted to make change using a bottom up approach to nature conservation. 

The group wanted anyone to be able to be involved in nature protection and conservation through awareness raising and education. 

Citizen science is a growing movement that involves everyday individuals in the process of scientific research & brings immense value to the scientific community and society.

By involving the public in data collection, analysis, and interpretation, this collaborative approach democratizes the research process, fostering a more inclusive and accessible environment for scientific exploration.

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