Beaumont Quarry

Cork Nature Network is working with Cork City Council to protect this beautiful and unique site for both wildlife and for recreation.

Presentation of Beaumont Quarry

Beaumont Quarry is a disused quarry since the 1960’s and is found within the Ballintemple area of Cork City.

Cork Nature Network has produced a presentation leaflet, that you can download below:

Beaumont Quarry leaflet – english

Beaumont Quarry leaflet – Gaelige

Beaumont quarry leaflet – spanish

Why is Beaumont Quarry important?

The reason Beaumont Quarry is important for Irish wildlife as it a calcareous grassland (or alkaline grassland), which is a habitat that is rare in Ireland.

This quarry is also home to rare flora such as the Little Robin, Pale Flax, and the Common Toadflax. These rare plants are found within cracks in the limestone rocks and walls.

Beaumont Quarry is also home to a variety of semi natural habitats such as broad-leaved woodland, wet willow woodland, scrub and hedgerows. These habitats provide homes and food for a wide variety of fauna such as bats, birds and insects such as the tortoiseshell butterfly and the seven-spot ladybird.

Download the Beaumont Quarry infoboard

Focus on the Little Robin

Little Robin is a member of the geranium family with a little pink flower with 5 petals and is quite similar to Herb Robert, another geranium plant species.

The main differences between both flowers are that the Little Robin flower is smaller than the Herb Robert flower and the anthers within the flower are yellow for Little Robin and orange for Herb Robert.

Little Robin is our specialty plant species and Beaumont Quarry comprises of 9 out of the 11 known sites within Cork City.

Our work in Beaumont Quarry

Cork Nature Network regularly runs events throughout the year which include our monthly clean-ups (September to April) and wildlife talks and events such as annual picnic for Heritage Week and Easter egg hunts for families.

Visit Beaumont Quarry

Cork Nature Network welcomes you to visit this wildlife oasis in the city that is a peaceful escape from city life and gives you one of the best views of Cork City.

To gain access to the quarry there are 2 main entrances: you can enter the site from Beaumont Drive (sat nav. 51°53’32.1″N 8°25’44.6″W) or from Beaumont Cottages just off Churchyard Lane (sat nav. 51°53’31.1″N 8°25’54.5″W). From Beaumont Drive, climb up the hill behind the trees.

beaumont quarry cork access map

Find out more

For further information, please contact the Beaumont Quarry officer or come along at one of our events!

You can find out events on our Facebook page or on Cork Nature Network Facebook page

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