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National Heritage Week 2020


national heritage week

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, our usual activities for Heritage Week (workshops, picnic) have been canceled. Those activities have been replaced by online events, hosted on Zoom. Read more

International Climate Change Day

On June 21st we are midway through 2020, the year of unprecedented events. A global pandemic has radically impacted human behaviour, changing the way we work, how we travel, how we consume and even how we socialise. 

There was another unprecedented event. This year gave us the warmest May on record, EVER. According to the EU climate change monitor, global temperatures were 0.63degrees celcius above average this month. While here in Ireland we experienced the driest May since records began and the driest month ever, for some counties.
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Global Wind Day

Did you know that grassland areas such as fields cover between 61 and 62% of the entire island of Ireland? (as per CSO, 2016), although little of this actually accounts for native semi-natural grassland habitats, the areas most of benefit to Irish biodiversity and pollinators. Read more

Freshwater Pearl Mussels

Freshwater pearl mussels are molluscs that help to filter the water of our rivers and lakes. They have a fascinating life cycle that depends on using salmon and trout as nurseries! Sadly, the mussel is sensitive to environmental change, and is threatened by pollution of the water in which it lives. By managing the waste products of farming and forestry, we can help to not only save the mussel, but also the pristine waterways in which it lives.
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World Ocean Day

Did you know that Ireland’s coastline is roughly 1,448 kilometers long? (and believe us, it is very rough!). 

Today we’ll be looking at the marvel that is the ocean, it’s nooks and crannies, and how you can help preserve it for future generations. Read more

World Environment Day 2020

There has never been a more important time to focus on biodiversity, the birds, bees, ants and mosses, and how we depend on them for everything we do! Its crazy to think about how much we actually depend on the environment and, more specifically on biodiversity, for EVERYTHING! Read more

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