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International Otter Day

Happy International Otter Day!
Otters can be recognised by their long, sleek bodies, long tails and short legs. Otters can be found all over Ireland, wherever there is a body of water. They can live anywhere from small streams, to rivers and along coastal areas. Read more

Managing your garden, balcony or land for biodiversity in Ireland

biodiversity butterfly

Managing your garden, farm, balcony or windowsill for biodiversity takes less effort than you may think! But think about it, in a number of months your garden will be literally buzzing with activity, the smells of the native wildflowers and native pollinator-friendly plants will hit you as soon as you step outside, you’ll be so captivated by its beauty you won’t ever want to go back! Read more

Walk: World Wetlands Day


On a damp, drizzly day in February 2020 a large group of nature lovers pulled on their wellies, donned their raingear and braved the elements to meet up in a carpark outside Blarney.  Read more

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