Global Wind Day

Did you know that grassland areas such as fields cover between 61 and 62% of the entire island of Ireland? (as per CSO, 2016), although little of this actually accounts for native semi-natural grassland habitats, the areas most of benefit to Irish biodiversity and pollinators. Read more

World Ocean Day

Did you know that Ireland’s coastline is roughly 1,448 kilometers long? (and believe us, it is very rough!). 

Today we’ll be looking at the marvel that is the ocean, it’s nooks and crannies, and how you can help preserve it for future generations. Read more

The Flora of Inner-city Cork

flora city

As many plant enthusiasts have observed over the past few weeks, flowering season is finally upon us. Across County Cork, the odd bright splash of spring colour is already in evidence for the sharp-eyed naturalist, as multitude species of flowering plants shrug off their wintery slumber. Read more

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