Wild Walks

Cork Nature Network launched its Wild Walks Project in 2022.

The project seeks to map all the green areas within Cork City as well as the animals and plants that inhabit them.

As part of this project, ecological surveys have been carried out to identify the sites which would best reflect Cork’s incredible biodiversity. These range from coastal woodlands to wildflower grasslands. You can read our report about the Mammals in Cork City.

Gill Weyman, Chair of Cork Nature Network commented: “While we often associate cities with a lack of green spaces and nature, there are places within Cork City boundary where one can go and benefit from spending time in nature. We hope that by getting out in these spaces people will see for themselves why these delicate ecosystems need to be protected and reconnect with nature.’’

The ecological surveys have been used to create an online virtual map that will allow viewers to see the locations of these green spaces and potential walking trails where people can go to appreciate Cork’s nature.

We would like to thank the funders of this project, Cork City Council, a long-term partner of Cork Nature Network, for their support and engagement and Jacobs for their generous donation and support.We would also like to say thank you to our fantastic team of surveyors: Cliona Barry, Stephanie Corkery, Emily Mangan, Rory O’Connor, Chloe O’Donoghue and Rebecca O’Sullivan.

Visit the Trails

Interactive map – click on a symbol in the map legend to learn more about the site, including a background to the area, site location, trail length and what plants and the animals found there.

Clicking on a symbol directs you to a new web page. The second page of the document is a summary of each trail with a QR code that will open the web page of the relevant trail.

You can view the details concerning each trail by clicking on the following links:

Red fox cub

Do you want to find out more?

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