Support Us and Get Involved

Your help matters!

Whatever your involvement is, your support helps us to:

  • Have a stronger voice
  • Operate at local level to promote the conservation of habitats and wildlife in Cork City and County
  • Function more efficiently
  • To make a difference!

There are different ways of getting involved

  • The easiest way is just to come at our events and meet us! You’ll discover more about nature in Cork city and county and how to help us protecting it. Find out more in our events page.
  • You can get involved in a project (ie : by taking part on a species survey, by picking up samples, by recording a seeing, by helping out during our clean ups and conservation work…). Find out more in our projects page.
  • If you enjoy helping us, you can, then, get more involved in our organization : running a stall at an event, organizing an event, monitoring a project, taking a key role in the management team, becoming a Director… Please, contact us or meet us at an event to talk about your ideas and wishes. We are always happy to welcome new volunteers and new ideas!!

You can also support us financially

  • You can become a member. Your membership help us to cover basic running costs (such as insurance, accountant…). As a voluntary not for profit organization, the financial support we receive from our members is essential if we are to be able to continue our work. Find out more in our membership page.
  • If you don’t want to become a member but still want to help us financially, we accept donations of any amount, by cash or check. You can also use the Go Found Me website, or by donating to our organization or by donating to a specific project.

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