The #givenatureachance campaign is born with one simple, but very important goal in mind. That is to promote the well-being of Ireland’s wildlife by raising awareness and educating the public.

These are difficult times; for most of us, how we work, how we socialise, has changed. In the midst of COVID-19, We all feel a sense of uncertainty towards the future. However, there is a silver lining to be found. Slowing down, spending more time in gardens and local parks, is leading to an increased awareness towards nature. Social Media posts, articles and pictures, show how nature starts to thrive on it’s own, when it is given a chance.

This has been the inspiration behind our new campaign “Give Nature a Chance”

The goal is very simple and that is to promote the wellbeing of wildlife and nature in Ireland by raising awareness and educating the Public, hoping to continue the positive impact that the restrictions are having on nature long after they are lifted.

We want us all to come together and use the tools at our disposal, such as social media and digital platforms to teach about the natural world around us, and provide simple facts and tips how anyone can actively help give nature a chance. We want to transmit the passion Cork Nature Network has for nature, to show that anyone can get involved and help promote biodiversity.

Where and When to find all this, you ask? Right here, right now! 

May 22nd is World BIodiversity Day and that is the day we chose to mark the start of this ambitious campaign. Follow us on Social Media and become a member to be always up to date and do your part to #givenatureachance! 

#givenatureachance #biodiversityaware #wildaboutnature

May 22, 2020 Biodiversity Day
May 23, 2020 International Turtle Day
May 27, 2020 International Otter Day

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