Local Biodiversity Action Plans

A Local Biodiversity Action Plan is a set of measures that assist communities or individuals to manage a site for biodiversity.

GARDEN biodiversity

The Local Biodiversity Action Plan is a step process, so small easy steps are preferred to start and then progress if resources are available and the community is enabled to take on more work. It is a “Bottom up” approach. The communities make the decisions based on what they wish to do and their resources.

Cork Nature Network provide the training and the information on how to do this. In 2019, Cork Nature Network ran a pilot training programme in Cork City. The training was successful and later in 2019 funding was secured to run two further programmes, plus to provide training for a further group. We provide support and help. It is up to the community how they decide to do this. The training includes information on biodiversity, how it is important, how to identify areas and how to develop the plan of action.

This programme is available on a nationwide basis. For further information please contact us.

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