We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you as a new member to Cork Nature Network.  Our membership come from a diverse background but share our passion to protect Ireland’s biodiversity and in creating a sustainable future where nature thrives alongside urban and rural development.

We organise a rich programme of events.  So whether you are a nature enthusiast, a family looking for educational outings, or someone interested in contributing to environmental conservation, our events calendar is packed with opportunities. From guided nature walks, citizen science surveys and informative talks, to members’ only webinars, there is something for everyone. 

Our events are not just about learning, they are about experiencing nature firsthand and becoming an active participant in its preservation.

We will keep you updated on developments and share with you our achievements through a members eNewsletter and through our social media channels.  So please check in to be updated on the latest news and insights.

If you have any questions or suggestions we would love to hear from.

So welcome again.


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Image Credits

Zootoca vivipara

Zootoca vivipara , Levendbarende hagedis. Credit: Kees Marijnissen

Red fox cub

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