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Otters have forward facing five toes (sometimes only 4 toes will imprint). Toes are teardrop shaped and webbing between them will sometimes be visible. Large, up to 9 cm long and 6 cm wide.

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Otter droppings used for communication. Can vary in colour depending on diet but usually black. Fish bones, scales may be visible. Fur is not common in otter spraint.
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description of


Areas where vegetation is worn away due to repeated use of the area by otters entering the water.

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Day time resting places for otters. Identified by flattened vegetation and sometimes associated with spraint. Can be covered by vegetation or exposed.

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Notice: Holts are protected by law. If you find a holt, please reduce your disturbance by being quiet and leaving promptly. Do not take an image of the holt. Information on the location of holts will not be shared with the public. Holts are dens used by otters for sleeping and resting. Commonly found under naturally forming holes along the bank side, eg. under tree roots and in rocky banks


Digestive secretion used by otters to mark territory when no food has been consumed. Can vary in colour- orange, brown, yellow, green.
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Otter. Credit: Cork Nature Network

Red fox cub

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