Cork Otters project

This is a project that aims at studying and protecting otters in Cork county. 

History of the Cork otters project

Cork Otters is a project that started in 2016 in Cork City as a result of concerns on the potential loss of otter habitat within the city. Since then public interest and enthusiasm on otters have grown.

During 2016 and 2017, Cork Nature Network conducted a citizen science survey of otters in the River Bride in Blackpool to find out more about how these charismatic mammals are using our waterways.

In 2018, a student from UCC, Grace Walsh undertook trail camera research to determine how effective cameras can be in studying otters.

Promotional projects

Since then, Cork Nature Network has run promotional projects in Blackpool, including a childrens storytelling hour in Blackpool library, a visual display in Blackpool Shopping Centre, talks on Otters and a survey on if there is awareness of the otter in urban areas. A video called Resourceful Rivers has also been produced to show the connectivity between humans and aquatic habitats.

Cork otter trail

Cork Nature Network has also developed a new otter trail in Cork City!

It was funded by a video campaign on Cork Voices. See our Cork Voices video.

Cork Nature Network has developed a four stops trail along the river Lee, starting from Camden Quay and finishing in Fitzpatrick Park. The route is approximately 1.3 miles (2km) in length. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the otter in the city.

Cork otter Facebook page

Cork Nature Network also has a popular Facebook page on Cork Otters. This is run by Chris Moody, who works tirelessly to promote these species.

In 2018, Chris was given an award by Cork Environmental Forum for his work on the River Bride in Blackpool in recognition of all his work for Cork Nature Network and beyond.

chris moody otters project cork Pic: Diane Cusack
Chris Moody receiving his award

Find out more by visiting the Cork Otter Facebook page. Don’t forget to like it and share it to your friends!

Next actions in the Cork otters projects

In 2020/2021, we will be running a project to survey the otters in the city and the harbour. This will also be accompanied by the launch of an Otter film, talks and other promotional activities. Watch this space…

otter poster

More about otters

Cork Nature Network has produced a leaflet to provide more information about that charismatic animal.

Download the cork otter leaflet

Download the InfoBoard about the wildlife of the river Lee

Contact us and support us

Please contact our events manager to find more about this project. You can also use the Cork otter Facebook page.

Your support is important and will help us continue in our work to promote the importance of protecting otters!

Cork Nature Network hold a supply of promotional otter t-shirts that can be purchased by emailing us. Thank you to 4orm in Carrigaline who helped us producing those t-shirts.

You can support this project through a donation.

Partners and credits

A special thank for our partners and sponsors: Cork City Council, Atlantic Social Lab, Local Waters and Community Office, Patagonia, Lush, the Heritage Council.

Otters pictures: Tom Masons

Leaflet produced by Karen Loxton. Poster by Chris Moody.

Any suggestions or questions?

We welcome your suggestions for any other projects, partnerships and/or funding opportunities. If you have any questions please contact us through the contact form.

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