A new manager has taken over the Beaumont Quarry project in November 2020.

My name is Donnachadh and I’m the new manager of Beaumont Quarry. I graduated from UCC recently after studying ecology and environmental biology. I have a big passion for nature conservation and was surprised to see the diverse range of rare and common species found in Beaumont Quarry. It’s an oasis of biodiversity right here in Cork city! If the quarry is within 5 km of your home, this would be a great place to unwind and be immersed in nature – something that is quite rare in a city.

Beaumont quarry meadow
Beaumont Quarry meadow

Lockdown restrictions have slowed things down all over Ireland, including in Beaumont Quarry. Although we may not be able to go ahead with our popular clean up events (fingers crossed we will be back next year!), that doesn’t mean we aren’t busy! This year we are focusing our efforts on getting rid of some invasive plants that are trying to take over the important calcareous grassland habitat. This is a very rare habitat worldwide and we have it here on our doorstep in Cork city!

Controlling these plants is important because they are pushing out the native plants. They do this by growing really fast and blocking sunlight and nutrients from reaching the native plants. Without native plants in the quarry, the native animals that use the plants for food or habitats will also be under threat!