Discover Cork’s not so Hidden Wildlife

Cork Nature Network held an online Premiere of their short film Nature in Cork City on November 26th 2020 at 7pm. The film was commissioned by Cork City Council and created, filmed and directed by Cork Nature Network.

Nature in Cork City celebrates the importance of our City for wildlife, showing both the ordinary (the gulls of the City) and the extraordinary (the special Otter population). The key message of this film is to slow down, look around and enjoy what is right in front of you. 

“The biodiversity of Cork City is still rich and there is plenty to connect with if you look in the right places. We have pointed out a few and we encourage everybody who lives or visits the city, to slow down, look around and give nature a chance to amaze you and boost your mood” says Gill Weyman, Chair at Cork Nature Network. 

This year has been really difficult for all of us and taking time to absorb the wonders of nature in our own city, is an easy and free way to improve our physical & mental well-being. Noticing nature, enjoying it and, where we can, helping it along, can make us feel better. 

“We want to thank Cork City Council for giving us this opportunity” she added.

The first showing of the film will be the centrepiece of this online event, which will be followed by a discussion with our panel of experts who will share their knowledge and will ensure your curiosity is satisfied. 

Our Panel is formed by Colin Stafford-Johnson, well-known Irish wildlife filmmaker and television presenter, Professor John Quinn from School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences at UCC, and the Cork Nature Network film production team: Dr Mark Robins, John Armstrong & Conor Rowlands.

Cork Nature Network encourages everyone who is interested to share the registration link with their friends, so they too can enjoy a rewarding and fun-filled evening.

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This event is funded by ‘Cork City Council’.