Cork Nature Network is currently involved in building a Community Biodiversity Action Plan in Bandon, in collaboration with Bandon Environmental Action Group (BEAG) and Avondhu Blackwater Partnership and with the support of funding from LEADER.

Bandon is a town 30km to the west of Cork city. It is the largest town in West Cork.

With many species and habitats locally, nationally and globally in decline, Local Biodiversity Action Plans seeks to contribute to the conservation of biological diversity at the local level.

This project aims to engage with local residents, groups and stakeholders to discuss potential suitable sites which could be involved in a biodiversity project. These sites will then be surveyed by ecologists to assess the current biodiversity, including birds, plants and invertebrates.

After this, the community will develop their own local biodiversity action plan under the guidance of Cork Nature Networks Project Manager. The final plan will be developed to encourage and improve the biodiversity in the area. This may include placing bird boxes, planting hedges and reducing mowing.

Members of the Bandon community are invited to take part in the associated walks and talks and participate in surveying during the months of May, June and July. If you want to get involved in the Bandon Biodiversity Action Plan project, please contact us at projects@corknaturenetwork  or follow BEAG on Facebook 

Photo: Tara O’Donoghue
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