Cork Nature Network frequently run pollinator projects that encourage invertebrates and the rewilding of areas for the benefit of all species.

Site 1: Military Park (Cork city)

The Military Park, also known as Glentrasna Park, is located in the north of Cork city in The Glen. This is a popular recreation area with local people. The park contains a small playground as well as pathways that are suitable for walking dogs and open green spaces where people can sit and enjoy nature. The park itself was previously a military cemetery and thus it is surrounded by stone walls which are lined with old gravestones. As such, the park is also called Military Cemetery Park. 

Cork Nature Network has recently started a Pollinator Project in Glentrasna Park. This project involves two areas which have been designated to become naturalised wildflower meadows. Rather than planting new seeds, this project will make use of the natural seed bank that already exists within the soil. The grass in these two areas will be cut only once this year to allow wildflowers and various native plants to grow throughout the season. It will be very exciting to monitor the progress of this project and see how the site changes over time. 

If you want to get involved in the Glentrasna Park Pollinator project, please contact us.

2022 April before the growing season – Photo: Nicole Crawford

Project news

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