Cork Nature Network are delivering a course in partnership with IRD Duhallow and LAWPRO, the Local Water Quality and Aquatic Biodiversity Training.

It is a pilot scheme and the first of its kind in Ireland. Cork Nature Network is very proud to be part of such an initiative and hands-on course.
This is a free course that will run from April to September 2021 and aims to “conserve and improve the natural resource potential of water courses in the region, promote sustainable water based activity, citizen science, and community-based bottom-up approaches to water conservation and protection”

It teaches local communities in 9 catchments about rivers to give them a baseline understanding of the water environment. Topics such as water biodiversity and the pressures and issues affecting Irish rivers are discussed.

The objective of the course is to empower local communities, with the knowledge and support they need, to create projects to improve the health of the water environment. An emphasis is but on local knowledge and understanding the issues affecting the participants local rivers.

Over 80 people have signed up to the course.

These projects will make real change to the health of rivers around the Duhallow region! Increasing the biodiversity and reconnecting people to their rivers.

Next event

Cork Nature Network are delighted to announce a talk about the world of The river Feale: Biodiversity and Otters with Anneke Vrieling and John Armstrong.

This talk is part of the Local Water Quality and Aquatic Biodiversity Training Project, that Cork Nature Network is carrying out in partnership with IRD Duhallow and LAWPRO.

Anneke Vrieling from Feale Biodiversity will give a presentation on invasive species and their impacts on biodiversity. Her presentation is titled: "Plants and Insects, the Importance of Being Native.” She will talk about invasive species and their impacts on biodiversity and which native species are important for wildlife.

The second presentation by John Armstrong of Cork Nature Network looks at one of our amazing species that lives and breeds in local rivers: the otter. John will talk about the ecology of the species and the importance of rivers for biodiversity.