The park is owned by Cork City Council while the recreation areas are managed by the Glen Resource and Sports Centre

Over the history of the park, over 3 million tonnes of waste from Cork city were landfilled there. Currently, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) monitors the licensing of the park and the landfill area is lined with plastic.

There is a network of pipes throughout the park for collecting any harmful gas and water to be removed from the site. The gas collected from the site is transported to a heat and power plant and used to power the houses of Cork city. The contaminated water is treated and stored onsite before being pumped to the Carrigrennan wastewater treatment plant for further treatment. The area is monitored regularly and over €40 million has been spent on remediation of the landfill. 

The park helps to power the houses of Cork City by using heat and gas collected via a network of pipes

There are multiple recreation opportunities in the park, most notable the BMX Track, which is the only international standard BMX track in Cork. There is also an elevated area known as The Dome which provides views of the city, including the Shandon Bells and The Elysian. 

Cork Nature Network included Tramore Valley Park in our Wild Walks project, which is an interactive map of green spaces within the city boundary that allow people to spend time in nature. You can find more information about the Wild Walks project, and our Tramore Valley Park walk, in th Wild Walks project page. Cork Nature Network is also currently involved in two projects in Tramore Valley Park: the KinShip Project and the Biodiversity Action Plan.

The park is open to the public daily at 8.30am. Closing times are seasonal and can be found on the Tramore Valley Park website.

Access to the site

1. Pedestrian access:There is an entrance from Half Moon Lane, off The South Douglas Road next to Christ King Secondary School, and a second entrance by the Eastern Park Walkway, adjacent to Willow Park, close to Gaelscoil na Duglaise.
2. Car Access: Accessing the site by car is from the South Link Road opposite the Black Ash Park and Ride. 

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