Insects play critical roles in our lives. Often under-appreciated and viewed by some as a nuisance, insects are “lever pullers of the world”. These tiny animals are fundamental for a healthy ecosystem, yet they are underappreciated, understudied and rarely considered in conservation.


International research recognises that insect populations are in decline. To help halt the decline it is important to understand their ecology and the connections between insects and other species.

To help raise awareness of these issues, Cork Nature Network is running a project called Valuing Insects.

The project will address the following:

  • To promote and inform on the connections between insects and the rest of the living world.
  • To show how habitat management can be improved for insects.
  • To develop materials to show how insect groups are important and to try to make them more appealing and charismatic to the general public.

The project will include:

Valuing Insects Field Study Day
Insect Field Study Day
  • Workshops or talks on insect conservation matters.
  • A field trip to learn about insects and how to identify them.
  • Projects that contribute to our knowledge of insects and how to protect them through habitat creation or enhancement.
  • Developing resources to increase awareness on insect conservation.

Further Reading & Resources

Check out our facebook group for this project. We also have a webinar on Youtube about Butterflies in Your Garden.

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