Cork Nature Network runs a few long-term projects which are described below. There also some small projects ongoing. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our ongoing or past projects or if you are interested in taking part in one of those.


Beaumont Quarry

Cork Nature Network is working with Cork City Council to protect this site for wildlife and recreation. A management plan and priority actions have been developed. The project is funded by Cork County Council.

Beaumont Quarry is important as it has calcareous grassland which is scarce around Ireland. It is home to several rare plant species in Ireland, including Little Robin, pale flax and common toadflax.

Little Robin, a little pink-flowered geranium, is our local speciality. It grows in cracks in limestone rocks and walls. Beaumont comprises 9 of its 11 known sites in Cork city.

Cork Nature Network invites you to visit that green urban oasis, peaceful and full of wildlife. It is a lovely place to walk in and to spend quality time outdoors appreciating nature.

We regularly hold events at Beaumont Quarry, such as a picnic in August or cleanings all through the year. For further information, please contact the Beaumont Quarry officer or come along at one of our events !

Otters of Cork city

This is a project that has been initiated due to the threat of otters from a flood protection scheme in the River Bride.

otter walk CNNDuring 2016 and 2017, Cork Nature Network conducted a survey of otters in the River Bride in Blackpool to find out more about how these charismatic mammals are using our waterways.

The survey was a response to a flood protection scheme whose plans did not take into account the presence of otters. It will be repeated once the flood protection measures will be put into place to analyse the full impacts of hard engineering actions on otter populations.

This project is funded by Cork City Council and Local Agenda 21 fund.

In 2017/2018 we are developing a film on otters in Cork. This is funded by Patagonia, The Heritage Council and Lush.

It has been a successful project so far and we are hoping to expand it on others waterways.

Download the leaflet about otters to find out more about the otters Download leaflet

Please, contact our events manager to find more about this project.


Any suggestion ? A question ?

We welcome your suggestions for any other projects, partnerships and/or funding opportunities. If you have any question, please, do contact us through the contact form.