Make A Gift In Your Will

Make a Gift in Your Will

A gift in your will to Cork Nature Network is a powerful, lasting contribution

By making a charitable donation, you will be supporting us in our work, dedicated to protecting Irish wildlife and its habitats. 

You will be leaving a lasting impact, demonstrating your commitment to protecting our native species today, keeping our environment healthy and sustainable for future generations.

How to Make a Gift in Your Will

If you decide to leave Cork Nature Network a gift in your will, you will need to provide your solicitor or chartered legal executive, with our name, address and registered charity number (Company No. 560881 CHY 21602.  Charitable No. RCN. 20103200).

Donations of any size will make a big difference, helping us to create awareness, introduce events, for example, field study days and educational programmes.

What Happens if I Already Have a Will?

Making a gift in your will to Cork Nature Network is a simple amendment to you will by using a codicil.  This is an addendum to your will where you can alter, change or add provisions to your will.  Codicils are regularly used to keep a will and testament up to date without having to draft a new will.

Further Information

You may also want to include a letter of your wishes on how you would like your gift used, for example, for a particular species, Eurasian Otter or towards an educational programme.

Your gift will be exempt from Inheritance Tax.

If you do decide to make a gift to Cork Nature Network in your will, we would be delighted to hear from you that this is your intention, so that we can express our gratitude.

If you require further information, or would like to discuss in more detail, please contact us.

Thank you so very much for your support

Together we can make a difference 

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