Beaumont Quarry has been referred to as an oasis in the city.

Beaumont Quarry is an open green-space much loved and well used by the public including schools.

The Bus Connects proposals (Phase 3 Route STCJ – Mahon to City) will destroy part of this high public-value site as it would occupy parts of the quarry, remove many mature trees, create disturbance and undermine the restoration of the site for nature and for people. 

In a City marked by limited areas for biodiversity a further loss will be devastating. It would run counter to Cork City Policies including its Development-Plan (2022-28) which is explicit in its planning Objective SO5 – Green and Blue Infrastructure, Open Space and Biodiversity:  Manage and enhance green and blue infrastructure, to protect and promote biodiversity, ecology and habitat connectivity, protect natural areas, enhance landscape character and maritime heritage, and manage access to green and blue spaces that provide recreation, amenity and natural areas.

It has a calcareous grassland habitat with rare species worthy of protection, one of these the Little Robin is listed in the Irish Red Data Book. It also offers valuable habitat for local bats roosting in the walled garden (car park proposal). The site is used by the public, schools and corporates to learn about our natural environment and to enjoy the benefits of an outdoor natural environment.

Cork Nature Network have been working in partnership with Cork City Council in Beaumont Quarry since 2015. We have produced a management plan for the site and have linked funding to this plan.

  • The management plan for this site has been agreed by Cork City Council
  • We have secured funding for works to improve the habitats in the site
  • We have a free online education pack for primary schools   
  • We run regular events for the community including clean ups, conservation work and nature walks and workshops on ecology.
  • We have initiated a new innovative means of controlling invasives with the Billy Rent a Goat project.
  • We are in process of protecting a calcareous grassland, a rare habitat.
  • The site has plants of high conservation interest and one noted in the Irish Red Data Book.
  • We run regular team building events for corporates on the site.
  • The quarry also serves as an important habitat for bats having bats feeding regularly on site. There are bat roosts in the nearby wall garden
  • The site is recognized as a site for biodiversity and is used by local people for recreation and wildlife

The site is also used by local schools and corporates to learn about nature and team build.

The current Cork City Climate Change consultation refers to the importance of the natural environment. Green spaces in cities are under pressure and are of high value in addressing climate change. Trees and grasslands act as carbon sinks. A number of mature trees will be removed in the proposed process. Green spaces in urban areas need to be protected for future generations.

 The adjacent habitat of the walled garden should be left for the community garden and would tie in with the biodiversity of the quarry as bats roost in the garden and feed in the quarry. Habitats need to be connected not fragmented.

Green spaces are highly valuable for mental health and for our well-being.

Cork Nature Network View & Recommendations

  • Cork Nature Network objects to the current Bus Connects proposal for the Beaumont Quarry area. 
  • The proposals for Route STCJ must be radically revised. They must explore and should test every alternative to damaging biodiversity in Beaumont Quarry. These alternatives should include road space allocations including radical options to avoid damage to the Quarry while also providing safety measures for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • We do not need more parking spaces at Beaumont Quarry or the walled garden as there are safety issues with cyclists and pedestrians and this is contrary to climate change proposals of a greener city where bus transfers and use of park and ride sites is more advantageous than the increase of traffic.

Please help us to halt this damaging proposal.

To oppose this proposal please check out our letter (PDF). Feel free to use or adapt as you wish.

There are two means of making an objection:

  1. In writing – National Transport Authority, Suite 427, 1 Horgans Quay, Waterfront Square, Cork City. T23 PPT8 
  2. Online – To make comments online you need to register as an organisation or an individual. This is done at

The route which impacts on Beaumont Quarry is STCJ – Mahon to City

Deadline 18th December.