Protecting Irish Wildlife

The most critical challenges facing wildlife in Ireland today are climate change, pollution, over exploitation of natural resources and habitat loss.

Almost half of Ireland’s protected species and habitats are in decline and over 60% of our common birds are on either red or amber lists. One third of wild bee species are becoming extinct and the number of pristine rivers has dropped from 500 to 20 over the past 40 years.

Peatland habitats are important for carbon storage, and their restoration is essential to help combat climate change. The loss of wet habitat plants is a major issue for biodiversity conservation in Ireland because these species make up a substantial proportion of the Irish flora.


The future of Ireland’s wildlife will depend on the collective action of educated communities, including efforts to increase the knowledge of our natural world.

Cork Nature Network plays a vital role in protecting wildlife, helping them to thrive. We work tirelessly to raise awareness about the importance of wildlife and its habitat’s conservation.

We encourage and foster information sharing on how we can take positive action to help protect species and keep our environment healthy and sustainable for present and future generations.

Cork Nature Network operates at many levels from conducting research to providing education programmes and enhancement initiatives and services. Our long term projects are: Otters, Valuing Insects, Restoring Nature and Climate Change. At times we will also run short once off projects. 

We hope this insight into our work will help generate your interest and give you a better understanding of the issues and challenges we face.  It also provides information on what you can do to support us in our mission.

Introduction to Our Key Projects


Otter Project

Cork Nature Network began working on our otter project in 2016 in Cork City due to concerns about the loss of suitable otter habitats in the city. Through this project, Cork Nature Network’s goal was to increase public interest in Otters. The project has been very successful in increasing education and awareness about Otters in Ireland.

Valuing Insects

Led by a dedicated team of specialists, this initiative aims to discover and engage through information and educational initiatives how we can develop a better understanding of insect conservation and introduce effective solutions to ensure these tiny creatures are fully addressed in effective biodiversity policies and practices.

Restoring Nature

Cork Nature Network undertake a number of projects, working to restore habitats and protect species.  The following projects aim to improve biodiversity which are intended to improve the quality of green spaces to be welcoming and inviting for people, providing us with places to enjoy and connect with nature and help improve our health and wellbeing.

Climate Change

Climate change is dramatically shaping our world today with extreme weather events happening more often.  We are also experiencing changes to our weather patterns, for example, warmer winters and earlier springs.  This has a knock on effect on wildlife, for example, when to hibernate, migrate and reproduce. Cork Nature Network have worked on programmes and events to increase awareness on climate change and the impacts it has on our natural world.


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What Can I Do?

One of the best ways to help our wildlife is to protect their habitat. You can do this by supporting our work to care for all wildlife and its habitats.

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Image Credits


Kestrel. Credit: Paul Lynam


Spotted Chaser. Credit: Stephen Delaney


Otter. Credit: Basil O'Sullivan

Ardgroom Bay County Cork Ireland

Ardgroom Bay. Credit: Jan Nijendijk


Spider. Credit: Gemma Kelleher

river bank

restoring nature. Credit: Cork Nature Network

Red fox cub

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