Restoring Nature

Restoring nature is the process of assisting in the recovery of an ecosystem towards, or back to, a ‘good’ condition. Ecosystem restoration is used to increase biodiversity and improve its resilience. 

A well-functioning ecosystem is a key tool in tackling biodiversity loss and climate change.  For example, by letting forests mature, they can recover.   

Protecting our wildlife and its habitat is crucial to fulfil our commitment to leave our Island in a better state than it is currently. To make sure we drive forward progress, not just halting but reversing the decline of our wildlife and its habitat.

That is why Cork Nature Network is working to help engage with and re-connect people with nature through our projects.

Image Credits


Wren. Credit: Kevin Barry

Biodiversity Action Plans

Biodiversity Action Plans . Credit: Cork Nature Network

Beaumont Quarry slopes

Beaumont Quarry . Credit: Isobel Abbott

Tramore Valley Park

Tramore Valley Park. Credit: Mark Robins


Military Hill. Credit: Nicole Crawford

Glen Park

Glen River Park. Credit: Cork Nature Network


Dandelion. Credit: Cork Nature Network

Hummingbird Hawkmoth

Hummingbird Hawkmoth. Credit: Kevin Barry

Red fox cub

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