Biodiversity Action Plans

Biodiversity Action Plans

Cork Nature Network collaborates with sponsors, funders and local communities in producing Biodiversity Action Plans designed to protect and restore biological systems. Their purpose is to preserve and protect habitats and save species from extinction.

A selection of our Biodiversity Action Plans includes:

Bandon Biodiversity Action Plan

The Biodiversity Action Plan for Bandon is a 5 year plan developed by Bandon. Environmental Action Group (BEAG) in consultation with the local community of Bandon to help provide direction and interconnection for actions taken by BEAG, the local authority, local businesses and community groups.

BEAG is deeply rooted in the community and aims to assist in making a positive contribution to its local community on a range of issues that affect the environment. Cork Nature Network, a non-profit organisation, were contracted to conduct the research and facilitate the development of the local Biodiversity Action Plan for Bandon. 

The plan has been developed with the support of LEADER funding and the Avondhu Blackwater Partnership.

This action plan aims to ensure that actions for local biodiversity in Bandon are undertaken in the context of an overall framework, with individual actions contributing towards a common set of objectives.

The action plan can be downloaded: Bandon Biodiversity Action Plan 

Coolagown Community Biodiversity Action Plan

Cork Nature Network has been involved in the development of a Community Biodiversity Action Plan for Coolagown, in close collaboration with Coolagown Development Group, ecologists, and the local community, for the community. This project has been supported through funding by the Community Foundation Ireland.

Coolagown lies 8km east of Fermoy, between the Blackwater and Bride River valleys. The Coolagown Community Biodiversity Action Plan is a 5 year plan which aims to set out a comprehensive, informed strategy of actions with the community to help conserve, encourage and improve biodiversity in the local area.

Local sites with potential to be enhanced for biodiversity were identified and these were surveyed by ecologists to record the current diversity of plants, mammals, insects and birds, and provide recommended actions for the plan.

The project engaged with local groups, stakeholders and residents through outreach events including a survey, public consultation meeting and a biodiversity workshop with pupils of the local school to raise awareness on the importance of biodiversity, discuss the plan and gain valuable feedback, thoughts, and ideas to help inform the Biodiversity Action Plan.

Specific care was given to highlight species of conservation concern, and invasive species. Important actions included providing additional roosting and nesting sites for protected birds and bats, reduced mowing and encouraging of more native wildflowers, shrubs and trees, and managing of hedgerows for biodiversity.

The action plan can be downloaded: Coolagown Biodiversity Action Plan 

Lismore Biodiversity Action Plan 

The Lismore Biodiversity Action Plan developed by Lismore Tidy Towns in collaboration with Cork Nature Network and with the assistance of LEADER funding support from Waterford Leader Partnership.

Its aim is to provide a framework to guide projects and tasks over the next decade to facilitate the Tidy Towns group to increase local biodiversity and include the wider community in the action plan.

The action plan can be downloaded:  Lismore Biodiversity Action Plan

Offaly Water Biodiversity Plan & Training

In 2022 Cork Nature Network and the Offaly Local Development Company presented this training course in Local Water Biodiversity, which offered participants the opportunity to learn about water biodiversity and gain the skills and knowledge to develop Local Water Biodiversity Action Plans for their local communities. The aim of this training was to promote conservation and sustainable management of water resources by providing participants with the knowledge to put together Local Water Biodiversity Action Plans and develop realistic actions that can be put into place by the local community.

IRD Duhallow Water Biodiversity Training

Cork Nature Network delivered a course in partnership with IRD Duhallow and LAWPRO, the Local Water Quality and Aquatic Biodiversity Training. It was a pilot scheme and the first of its kind in Ireland. Cork Nature Network was very proud to be part of such an initiative and hands-on course. This was a free course that ran from April to September 2021 with an aim to “conserve and improve the natural resource potential of water courses in the region, promote sustainable water based activity, citizen science, and community-based bottom-up approaches to water conservation and protection.” The course taught local communities in 9 catchments about rivers to give them a baseline understanding of the water environment. Topics such as water biodiversity and the pressures and issues affecting Irish rivers were discussed.

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Biodiversity Action Plans

Biodiversity Action Plans. Credit: Cork Nature Network

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