Tree project – West Cork

Cork Nature Network has been running a number of projects in West Cork.

My Favourite Tree

In 2021 and 2022, as part of a Lush funded grant, on the Value of Trees. The first step was to ask the people of West Cork to identify and show us their Favourite Tree. This was called the My Favourite Tree action and the aim was to increase awareness of local trees and to show how important they are to us. We then undertook an online survey asking peoples views of trees. In addition, we researched into the historic value of trees.  

From 2021 to March 2022, we invited people living in West Cork to add a photo of a favourite tree to an online map. In the autumn of 2021 prizes were offered for the best image. They were judged by the Woodlands of Ireland who also kindly donated prizes of books on trees. The winners and other images are shown below and the entry location is shown on the map.

In 2022, the second part of the project will be to undertake research on woodlands in West Cork and to understand how they were valued and used in the past.
Please watch this space for future updates.

Click here to read our Online Survey Woodlands report

Red fox cub

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