Tramore Valley Park

In 2022, Cork Nature Network developed a Biodiversity Action Plan for Tramore Valley Park. The plan was funded by the Community Foundation Ireland and additional funding was secured from the Local Waters and Community Project Office to undertake invertebrate surveys. The Biodiversity Action Plan was launched during National Biodiversity Week in May 2023.

The Biodiversity Action Plan is led by Cork Nature Network in partnership with the Local Waters and Community Project, Tramore River Community group, KinShip Project, Green Spaces for Health and Cork City Council.

The plan has 10 sections. These include:

  • Wetland habitats
  • Water management of the site
  • Semi-natural habitats
  • Management of the habitat for insects
  • Managing the site for birds
  • Managing the site for mammals
  • Connections
  • Raising awareness
  • Partnerships with the community
  • Site Management Practices

The action plan should be seen as a living plan that will be amended, adapted and include further input from the landowners and the community.

The action plan can be downloaded here

Image Credits

Tramore Valley Park

Tramore Valley Park. Credit: Mark Robins

Tramore Valley Park wetlands Cork

Tramore Valley Park wetlands. Credit: Mark Robins

Tramore valley park sign

Tramore Valley Park signage. Credit: Mark Robins

Red fox cub

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